Setting Procedure our devices

Dec 5, 2011

Setting Procedure our devices


The device needs to be set up before use. To enter the edit mode, press and hold down right button while switching on the synthesizer.


The following message must appear:

Then the display shows the synthesizer type selection field:
< ТXX>

where XX is the number of the synthesizer type. Using the left and right buttons, select the required type according to the table below.

The following message comes up:

Having selected the type of the synthesizer, enter the number of databanks on the memory card. By default, the maximum number of databanks for the given memory capacity is selected.

The message shows up:

Having selected the required type of the synthesizer, select the mode of operation:

The UniFlash has four modes of operation:

The EXT mode (external installation) is used when the synthesizer’s own disk drive is out of use.
The INT mode (internal installation) is used when your device is operated together with the synthesizer’s own disk drive.
The EXTMEM and INTMEM modes automatically memorizes the databank where you are before switching off the instrument. Upon subsequent switching on the synthesizer, the same databank will be available.
Select the required mode using the left and right button.
The confirmation message comes up again:

After selection of the synthesizer type and the UniFlash mode of operation, we can create a system data bank for our synthesizer. 

Please, note that some electronic musical instruments (such as Akai and Ensoniq modules) require downloading of their operating system from a diskette first, before they can acquire their complete functionality. So, we can store such system in one of the databanks assigned by us for that purpose. Then, upon switching on, the synthesizer downloads the operating system from the databank where it is stored and automatically goes over into the operating mode.

Use the left and right buttons to select the required system bank. If you do not need it, leave SYSNO there. The instrument’s own floppy disk drive (FLOPPY) can also be a system databank. It precedes SYSNO and is designated as SYSFL


The confirmation message comes up:

Having completed the setting procedure device automatically go into the operating mode.

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