Very often, now you can find devices that are to load your operating system and data storage using floppy disks (floppies). Device designed to read and write this information to themselves these disks (floppy disks), is called floppy drives.

Most manufacturers of devices that use this node, put it in the most unexpected and awkward to control places. So enjoy the drive, and, especially, to control his condition is quite difficult.

floppy_emulator_rem_korg ix-300.jpg

To extend the life cycle of these devices, we offer emulator 3.5 "drive. It is installed instead of the native drive or work with him at the same time.


For cases where access to the drive, and hence to our floppy emulator is difficult, for more comfortable control devices we have developed control panel.


It can be purchased in addition to our main drive emulator.


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