Uniflash USB v2

Floppy emulator 160 80.jpgThe Uniflash-USB v2 device is intended for replacement of a built-in floppy disk drive. A Secure Digital memory card (SD) is used. It is possible to insert either a miniSD or a a microSD card via a respective adapter.

Uniflash-USB v2 is installed inside a device or an instrument instead of a floppy disk drive. The FDD emulator is connected to the motherboard with standard ribbon cables (all fasteners and the installation manual are included in a standard package of supply).

The memory card space is split into databanks (virtual diskettes). Each databank represents one diskette and has a similar capacity. The number of databanks depends on the memory card capacity (max 999 on a card). The bank number is shown on the display and is selected with the buttons. The supply package also includes 2AVCom Host software, which can be used to edit the memory card contents on a PC.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions:Standard for 3.5 inches drives, 100mm x 25mm x 135mm
Color:Black or Stainless Steel
Power:Standard 4 pin voltage supply socket for 3.5 inches drives
Temperature range:-18 °C to 65 °C
Weight:0.25 kg
Supply Package

The UNIFLASH USB v2 floppy emulator comes in a package with a controller unit, connection cables, remote control panel (options), installation disk with the 2AVCom HOST Program, Installation Manual Video, User's Manual, a USB AA cable and a 2 GB SD Memory Card.

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It is very simple to set up a floppy emulator to any device. Just remove the 3.5-inch floppy disk drive, and put the Uniflash USB v2 instead. Connect the information cable, connect the power supply, check if the installation is correct, turn on, and check the operation. That's all.


Uni_ext_setup_eng_16.jpgTypically, we send a preconfigured device version to meet the customer's requirements. However, you can reconfigure the unit any time as you like. To enter the setup mode, hold the right button near the LCD/LED panel of the emulator and switch on the synthesizer.

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Main functions

The fundamental aim of using a Uniflash USB v2 is to extend the life of the device or instrument you use.


Copying data from floppy disks without a PC

There may be situations when you have no PC at hand or when your PC is not able read the information contained in your instrument. So, our device may be a handy tool to do that.


Product Comparison

Summary of 2AVCom Company’s Uniflash-USB Floppy Disk Drive Emulator Features as Compared to Other Similar Products.

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